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Commercial building insulating methods

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Mechanical Pipe Insulation

Mechanical Insulations can aid in equipment efficiency and longevity. It helps with condensation and saves on heating and cooling cost. Uses for this type of insulation include: pipes, duct systems, and equipment. Thermal uses for pipe Insulating Commercial Pipesinclude: freezer plants, hot and cold water lines, and roof drains. Duct System uses include: heating, air conditioning, ventilation, exhaust, breechings, heat recovery, chilled water, liquid, and refrigeration suction with same moldings, but for duct application. Equipment uses include: include tanks, boilers, air Insulated Pipeseparators, humidifiers, pumps, engines, turbo chargers and manifolds, ovens, moisture separators, condensers, heat exchangers, and special processing equipment. The types of mechanical insulation used for these types of applications include products like molded fiberglass, flexible unicellular, polyisocyanurate, calcium silicate, cellular glass, polyolen/polyethylene, and mineral fiber.

Mechanical Insulation has personal protective qualities and offers thermal protection from exposure to weather and/or sound. For personal protection it is applied to insulation for added mechanical resistance, reflectivity, weather resistance, enhanced clean ability and extend the service life and protects people from injury insuring compliance to OSHA regulations, burn protection, and reduce emitted noise levels. Acoustical uses protect people in noisy environments to comply with OSHA requirements. Examples of these environments include gas line stations, manufacturing environments, and other equipment areas. Types of insulation used are perforated coating, mass-loaded mastic, septum type sheathing, and a variety of absorbent fibrous materials.

K13 , Sona Spray, & Celbar

K13 is a sprayed on cellulose product manufactured for thermal and acoustical finish known as high performance cellulose such as K13 ,SonaSpray "fc" ,SonaKrete, Ure-K, Protek-13, and Celbar. Sound control-Acoustic Performance in auditoriums, sports facilities, classrooms, cathedrals, restaurants, parking garage, and convention centers. As a thermal performance for a monolithic coating, filling cracks, seams, and voids, reducing air infiltration. This can be applied to any property prepared surface, including over spray foam steel, metal, wood, concrete, urethane products, Styrofoam and glass. Its also another environmentally friendly product made out of 80% post-consumer recycled paper known as embodied energy and includes the total energy required to transport raw materials, manufactures and distribute the product. ICC sprayed products can contribute LEED credits to projects and class 1 fire rating with the fibers are treated with a natural safe fire retardant. This is available in black, gray, Light gray, white, beige, tan and also can be in custom colors too.

Sound Control

Density Pack Insulation is also very effective for sound control. Density Pack insulation is installed by drilling a 2 9/16" hole on each floor and in every cavity all the way around the entire house. A hose is inserted though the hole into the wall cavity and packing it tight every 6" to a foot, packing to 3.5 to 4 pounds of pressure every square foot. By running the hose thought the whole house, all cavities, fire blocks and headers are found and sealed. All of the holes are sealed with a wood or foam plug . This process can be used on the interior or exterior on all types of siding including stucco, brick, and limestone. If the Density Pack Insulation Process is done on the inside of the home we repair the drywall and repaint leaving the surface looking the same as before we started the insulation project.