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Thermal Imaging will find your homes heat loss

"Saunders Insulation is your Tri-State Insulation Specialist making a difference that you can see and feel"

Thermal imaging cameras don't actually see temperature. Instead, they capture theThermal Imaging infrared (IR) energy transfer from an object to its environment and produce a real-time image in a color palette where hotter objects appear brighter and cooler objects appear darker. IR energy is generated by the vibration of atoms and molecules and behaves similarly to visible light where it can be reflected, refracted, absorbed and emitted.

Saunders Insulation thermal imaging equipment is beneficial for several reasons. Our state-of-the-art technology can help prevent air leaks by finding where your insulation is insufficient. We can also find moisture or mold in walls, water leaks, and even electrical problems - all of which can be potentially harmful to your health. Thermal imaging is a great way to check a home you just purchased if you are unsure about how well it is insulated. Diagnosing problematic insulation now, can have significant savings in the future.


Thermo Imaging by Saunders Insulation Specialists
Home heat Loss Detection by Saunders Insulation Specialists