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Home Insulation for older Houses

"Saunders Insulation is your Tri-State Insulation Specialist making a difference that you can see and feel"

There are many of ways to insulate a house, the preferred method that Saunders Insulation uses is density packing cellulose into the walls . It does an excellent job stopping all air penetration from flowing through walls into the interior of your house. Sprayed foam insulation is a two-part liquid containing a polymer and a foaming agent. The liquid is sprayed through a nozzle into wall, ceiling, and floor cavities. Due to a chemical reaction at the nozzle, the compound turns into a solid cellular plastic with tiny air-filled cells that fill every small area within a wall. Because it expands into tight areas, sprayed foam is ideal for insulating steel framing and around outlets. By acting as a wind and air barrier, it eliminates the need for house wrap. This increases energy efficiency allowing the use of smaller heating and cooling systems. Sprayed foam insulations help maintain indoor air quality by not off-gassing volatile organic compounds.


Foam Insualting Your Home

All air spaces, especially around windows are filled with foam keeping your home cozy.

Foam Home Insulation

Fewer but larger holes are drilled to allow more insulation in the area preventing cold outside air from entering.

Home Foam Insulating methods

We take every effort to maintain a clean and orderly work site

Best Home Foam Insulation

Clean round holes are bored to allow the foam insulating material to fill the wall