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Insulating New Construction buildings

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During new construction Saunders Insulation Specialists has the capabilities to insulate with fiberglass batts, blow-in-blanket system (BIBS), spray foam insulation and spray cellulouse insulation.


Your wine Cellar can be placed anywhere in your home, but the location that you choose will have a future impact on the cost of maintaining your cellar.

A wine cellar should be placed in the coolest and most humid place in your home. The closer you are to the 55°-58° F temperature and 55-75% humidity that your wine will need, the smaller size cooling unit you will need and the lower the overall cost will be. The heat gain calculation for your wine cellar takes into consideration the surrounding environment that will affect the wine cellar. If the surrounding environment has an average yearly temperature of 85°, compared to an average temperature of 65° then you will have to purchase a larger cooling unit in order to maintain proper conditions. A dry environment will also require a more frequent introduction of humidity.

If you are constructing a wine cellar in your new home, you should consider Saunders Insulation services to install the maximum amont of thermal protection for your prized bottles of wine.  Foam insulating your wine cellar can also help controlling the humidity. 

We completely foam insulate all of the surrounding walls and ceiling around your room to give you maximum R-Value.

Saunders Insulation Specialists

New Construction Home Insulation

Foam seals around electrical boxes preventing drafts from entering

New Home Insulation

Insulation is carefully fitted around electrical boxes

Best Home Insulating Methods

Foam installed around electrical boxes to seal wiring & hold the box in place

New Home Insulation | Saunders Insulation Specialist

Wires passing to outside surfaces are sealed to prevent cold air infiltrating

Saunders Insulation Specialists

Electrical boxes in the attic are foam insulated as well

Insulating Your New Home

Insulation is fitted behind plumbing within walls to control outside air infiltration